The quality of the water you use to brew your coffee has a huge effect on the taste. If your water is particularly “hard” (i.e., high in minerals) it can give your coffee a metallic or bitter taste. 

The water in your home is not the same as the water at a coffee shop.

You probably don’t think about it, but the water at your local coffee shop is different than the water coming out of your tap. The difference is that coffee shops use reverse osmosis water to brew their coffee. The chlorine added to your tap water will make it taste like well…chlorine. 

So what should you do? If you’re tired of drinking bitter-tasting coffee, try using reverse osmosis-treated water instead! Culligan of Northeast Kansas has the perfect water softening/treatment system for your home: from reverse osmosis drinking water systems directly under your kitchen sink to whole-home systems that give you better water at every tap in the house. 

Topeka water comes from Melvern Lake, a reservoir on the Marais des Cygnes River in Osage County. It’s got a lot of sediment and minerals.

The water that comes into your home has a lot of sediment and minerals. If you don’t filter it, your coffee will be gritty. If you’re wondering where Topeka’s municipal water comes from, it’s from Melvern Lake in Osage County. The lake was created by a dam on the Marais des Cygnes River and provides a source for irrigation throughout southeastern Kansas as well as being used for municipal drinking water.

Melvern Lake isn’t nearly as pristine as it used to be.

Melvern Lake is a reservoir on the Marais des Cygnes River in Osage County. It’s big, so it’s no surprise you’ve heard of it. But what you may not know is that Melvern Lake isn’t nearly as pristine as it used to be. The river was once far cleaner than it is now, and it has been polluted with sediment and minerals from upstream development over time.

This means there are some things we can do about your water woes:

The city treats its drinking water with chlorine but doesn’t filter it.

Chlorine is added to the water to kill bacteria and other pathogens that could make you sick if ingested. It’s also added for safety reasons: chlorine prevents your drinking water from becoming infested with algae, which can cause all sorts of nastiness like toxic blooms.

But here’s something else you may not have known about the taste of your tap water: the city doesn’t filter it, either. You may have noticed that when you boil water from your faucet and then let it cool into an iced coffee, it’s noticeably less sweet than when you start with filtered or bottled H2O. That’s because unfiltered tap tastes better when hot than when cold—in fact, some people claim they can’t even drink straight-from-the-tap ice cubes!

Filtered water tastes better than unfiltered – especially if you taste them side by side.

If you’re using unfiltered water, you might be surprised to learn that filtered water tastes better. This is because of the minerals that are present in unfiltered water.

Not only will filtered water taste better, but it is also better for your health. Filtered water has been shown to be beneficial for your digestive system and skin health. It can even help with hair growth!

If you have pets at home who enjoy drinking from the tap, then filtering their water is essential as well. Filters can remove harmful particles from tap water that could potentially cause them harm over time if consumed regularly or in large quantities.

Hot water can make the taste of chlorine more pronounced, making your coffee taste bitter or sour.

You may have noticed that your coffee tastes bitter or sour when you brew it with hot water. Your water treatment plant uses chlorine to treat the water supply. The taste of chlorine is more pronounced when the water is hot, so if you’re using hot water in your coffee-brewing process, it’s likely that your cup has a noticeable taste of chlorine.

Many coffee shops use commercial reverse osmosis systems to filter out minerals and sediment from their drinking water – because their customers can tell the difference!

Reverse osmosis is a process that separates dissolved materials from drinking water. Did you know you can have reverse osmosis water at home? That’s where Culligan Water comes in! We offer bottled water delivery, water softeners, and reverse osmosis systems. You can have one of our water experts come out for a FREE water test, and recommend the exact system for your needs. 

Your coffee won’t taste as good without it!

Reverse osmosis is a process that removes all the impurities from your water, leaving you with an ultra-filtered version of what you’re used to. It sounds like magic, but it’s actually very simple: reverse osmosis uses membranes and pressure to separate dissolved salts and other contaminants from water.

The best part? Reverse osmosis systems are affordable! You can get one installed right in your home and have some of the best-tasting coffee around.If you’re ready for a new way to make your favorite morning drink at home or if you want to try out reverse osmosis for yourself, give Culligan Water of Northeast Kansas a call today! We’ll be happy to help provide excellent service so that every cup tastes just as good as it does at your favorite coffee shop!


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