Culligan Water Softeners and Sensitive Skin

Throughout the year, and especially in the colder months, sensitive skin can really take a beating. You may already know that harsh weather conditions can lead to dry and irritated skin but so can the very water that you wash your body with at home. Hard water, laden with minerals, can be particularly harsh on sensitive skin, leading to dryness, irritation, and exacerbation of skin conditions. With the installation of a Culligan water softener, you can transform hard water into a gentle elixir for your skin. Keep reading to explore the direct link between water softening and improved skin health, especially for those with heightened sensitivities in this article.

Hard Water and Sensitive Skin

Hard water, something that affects nearly 85% of homes in North America, can wreak havoc on sensitive skin. This is due to the harsh minerals that can be found in hard water. Hard water results from high levels of calcium and magnesium in water. Minerals like calcium can have a drying reaction that can remove moisture from your skin’s natural barrier. Even worse, these minerals may clog pores and cause dryness, triggering breakouts, flaking, and itching.

Not only can calcium and magnesium have a direct impact on your skin but they can create longer lasting issues with your soap and shampoo. Hard water minerals can react with fatty acids in your soap and shampoo to form chemicals that coagulate. This reaction results in your skin not getting cleaned properly and the chemicals leaving a residue on your skin. This residue over time can cause skin irritation to your skin leading to acne and in some cases eczema or dermatitis. Just as this would affect the skin on your hands or legs, it can also have an irritating effect on your scalp, leading to even more itching and irritation. 

The Benefits of Water Softeners for Sensitive Skin

Now that you know the hard water effects on your skin, the most important information we can give you is how to solve these issues. A Culligan water softener is not only an effective tool in alleviating skin problems but also provides quality water to your household in the process. Just as it sounds, a water softening system takes hard water and softens that water to eliminate hard water minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, and manganese. Our high-efficiency water softeners have specially designed resin beads that capture the minerals and exchange them with a trace amount of sodium. Backed by over 70 years of experience and ingenuity, our water softeners are built to last and feature modern attributes that make softening water in your home easier than ever. Through the Culligan Connect app, your phone connects to real-time data from your Culligan Smart High-Efficiency Water Softener, allowing you to access information on water usage and salt levels as well as send you alerts for unexpected changes in flow.

Water softeners can directly improve your water quality, thus improving your skin’s quality in the process. Homeowners that switch to a water softener may soon notice a disappearance of soap scum both in sinks and tubs and their own skin. When you remove hard minerals from your water, you also remove the chance for those minerals to clog your pores, collect on your skin, and directly dry out your skin’s moisture. With soft water, you won’t be as itchy and irritated, and you’ll be more likely to have the beautiful, clear skin you want. You may even find that your soap lathers more efficiently and cleaning that soap off of your body is easier too. 


Install a Culligan Water Softener to Protect Your Skin

Hard water can be harsh on sensitive skin. Culligan Water of Topeka is your number one resource for water softeners to alleviate your sensitive skin’s hard water issues. Our team of experienced water quality experts can first test your household’s water to see what exact minerals and contaminants your water may hold. From there, our water quality professionals can work with you to find the most beneficial solution to providing you with quality soft water for you and your skin. A water softener’s benefits also go beyond just reducing skin irritation. With soft water, you can enjoy healthier hair, cleaner dishes, and fewer costs on laundry detergent and cleaning supplies.

If you’re ready to introduce your skin to quality water that will leave it clean and glowing, please contact us today! We’ll be happy to share with you all the water-softening options available and help decipher which option will be best to fit your home and eliminate skin irritation.


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