When you think about it, we rely on water for so many basic necessities. From drinking to bathing, we simply can’t live without water. But, do you know what’s in your water?

Even if your water looks crystal clear, it is still possible for it to be contaminated with toxins you shouldn’t ingest or expose to your household. That is why water testing is essential. Read on to learn what you can learn from a Culligan Water free water test.

Ensure Your Safety

The most important reason to test water is to ensure your safety. Since even the clearest-looking water can still contain contaminants it is important to know what is in your water. One common contaminate is harmful bacteria, that if allowed to linger, can cause stomach problems and even more serious medical conditions. Fortunately, when you test home water, contaminants can be discovered and eliminated. So before assuming the water in your home is safe for consumption and use, why not have a free water test to know exactly what is in your water?

Inform You of Any Changes to Your Water

A free water test will help you identify any potential changes to your water supply. This is crucial if your water comes from a well, as there are a lot of factors that can change the safety and quality of the water. Even if you live in an urban town or city, old pipes and poorly installed plumbing can contaminate your water over time.

Quality and Taste

There’s more to water testing than just simply checking safety. Even if your water is safe to drink, the quality and taste of your water may be poor. Hardness, increased pH levels and sulphur can all decrease the quality, taste and smell of your water. A water test will help you determine what kind of water filter and water filtration system can improve the quality of your water.

Appliance Longevity

Did you know that when you test home water, you can discover whether or not your appliances are working at full capacity? Hard water can wreak havoc on appliances, creating lime deposits on shower heads and inside washing machines and dishwashers. Additionally, when your water is free of contaminants and impurities, you can decrease your laundry and dish soap use. You will also save money because properly filtered water allows you to wash your clothes on cold and still getting them as clean as if you used warmer settings.

Protecting your health and the health of your family is the most important reason for a water test but there are other perks as well. If you suspect that your water might be contaminated, or if you simply want that extra ounce of reassurance, contact Culligan Water of Northeast Kansas today and don’t just wonder what’s in your water – let us tell you!


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