The average person uses approximately 50 gallons of water every day. But what could be in that water? We hear about new contaminants often, such as arsenic, iron, sulfur, lead, and nitrates. Recently we have been hearing more reports on PFOAs and PFOs… just what are those? 


PFOA stands for perfluorooctanoic acid, while PFOs are perfluorooctane sulfonate. These are both chemicals that could possibly be found in your water supply. You have been hearing about them more often because in the past decades, both PFOAs and PFOs have been utilized increasingly by manufacturers and industrial facilities. They break down slowly in the environment, leaving a prolonged contamination risk to your water supply. 


Why are we just now learning about PFOA and PFOs? They have a peculiar trait that other contaminants don’t… they bind to proteins, rather than fatty acids. This makes them more difficult to spot. They are part of a class of compounds called perfluoroalkyl substances, which are resistant to water and lipids. They have been used in manufacturing since the 1950s, and can be found in a range of goods from paints and cleaning products to non-stick pans and cosmetics. 


Before we go into soft water, let’s thoroughly breakdown hard water and what it can do to your skin and hair. Although hard water isn’t hazardous to drink, it does have negative impacts on your body and physical appearance that are frustrating, to say the least.


Potential effects on health can include:


liver problems
cholesterol changs
immune disorders
thyroid dysfunctions
and more



One of the most common sources of exposure to PFOA is water. If the water in your area contains PFOA/PFOs, making the switch to filtered water systems is a proven prevention method. Culligan Reverse Osmosis drinking water systems remove up to 99% of water contaminants. 


In a nationwide Culligan Water survey, 75% of consumers expressed concern over water safety, yet only 73% of them took action. Since the average person uses approximately 50 gallons of water every day, knowing what’s in your tap water and finding the right solution is crucial to your wellbeing. Not to mention, cleaner water can also improve the health of your home, all while saving you time, money, and energy.


With over 70 years of experience, Culligan Water is more than just a cleaner water solution – we’re the brand that families trust. That’s because Culligan Water systems are backed and certified by third-party organizations like the Water Quality Association, NSF, and Underwriters Laboratories. Culligan Water has enhanced the quality of American homes since 1936, and we’re only getting started.



We offer free in-home water tests by a licensed local water expert to help you determine not only if you have a water problem, but also to help you solve your problem and decide what equipment and service you need to protect your family and your home. Delicious, refreshing water just steps away. 


Contact us today at Culligan Water of Northeast Kansas to schedule a free home water test.






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