Cooling capacity: 4 gal/h

Max continuos supply (gal): 0.5 gal/h

Cold water temperature*: 41 – 53.6 °F

Pump: Professional membrane carbonation pump

Cooling technology: Blupura Direct Chill

Cooling tank: 0.75 gal

Condensation: Forced ventilation

Dispensing options: Dispenses cold still water, cold sparkling water and room temperature water (mod. Fizz) or cold still water and room temperature water.

Nano silver pipe at the dispensing point as a standard Nano silver protection on the surface.

Space for CO2 cylinder up to 3.3 lb * rated at a room temp. of 77 °F and inlet water temp. of 68 °F

Weight & Size
Net weight max 55.8 lb
Gross weight max 59.5 lb
Dimensions WxDxH 13.83 x 16.39 x 44.07 in
Packaging dimensions15.7 x 17.1 x 45.5 in

Optional Additions

Built-in cup dispenser
Extra space for CO2 cylinder up to 13.2 lb

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