It’s a universally recognized fact that drinking water that has been purified of contaminants is an optimal and even necessary choice for your health, but do you understand how water filters work and what they are removing from your water? 

At Culligan, we understand what is commonly found in your drinking water and are experts in not only testing your water but finding the optimal solutions to provide the best and purest water possible for you and your family. 

Tap water can contain a wide variety of contaminants including heavy metals such as lead, iron, cadmium, and arsenic, industrial waste which includes florides, nitrate and mercury, and runoff from crop irrigation which includes pesticides. Tap water has also been found to contain microorganisms, radioactive substances, and many other chemicals such as PFAS, chlorine, and perchlorate, all of which have been linked to various health issues.

Recent studies have found 2,230 locations in 49 states to have PFAS contamination. PFAS were introduced in the 1940s as repellents of fire, water, oil and stains. They have been used in commercial and industrial products like non-stick cookware, fire-fighting foams, grease-proof food packaging and water-resistant fabrics. Because they don’t break down in the environment, they have earned their nicknames “forever chemicals”. Though many companies began phasing out the production of PFOA and PFOS in 2000, over time the water-soluble chemicals have found their way into the soil, and then into groundwater or surface water, which is how PFAS get into water supplies. 

The Environmental Working Group refers to a recent study that estimates that over 200 million Americans could have toxic PFAS in their drinking water. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) existing studies have found exposure to PFOA and PFOS over certain levels can have adverse health effects including cancer; issues related to the liver, immune system, cholesterol levels, and thyroid; and developmental impacts on fetuses during pregnancy and to breastfed infants. 

So although tap water in America is considered safe to drink, is it really safe and healthy to drink something that still possibly contains so many contaminants?

At Culligan we offer several solutions to filter out the junk from your drinking water and provide your family with water that contributes to your health and wellbeing instead of further overloading your body with toxins in a world already so full of toxic overload. 

Reverse Osmosis and How It Works

Reverse osmosis is a process of water filtration that removes contaminants from water by pressurizing it and forcing it through a semipermeable membrane. Reverse osmosis technology effectively removes impurities from your water, including sodium, chloride, fluoride,  PFOA and other contaminants.

At Culligan we offer reverse osmosis systems that will effectively remove contaminants from your drinking water and leave you with great tasting purified water from your sink, fridge or ice maker. With our Clear Link Pro, you can now have Culligan purified water right from your tap with the touch of a button.

Our  Whole Home Systems will treat the water in your whole home so that you will have water that has not only been purified with reverse osmosis but also treated to soften your water to remove hard chemicals that affect your skin, hair, laundry, and appliances. 

With Culligan you can have not only pure filtered water to drink straight from your kitchen sink but also water that is good for your skin from every faucet in your home.

Benefits of Water Filters

When you make the choice to purify the water in your home, you are making an investment in the health of your whole family. Reduced cancer risk, better digestive health, better nutrient absorption and detoxification are just a few of the health benefits of filtered water. 

Removing the chemicals and contaminants from your home water supply is reducing your risk of gastrointestinal issues, chronic illnesses, and lowering all the added stress on your body systems from chemicals and toxins in unfiltered water. 

In addition to the benefits of the quality of the water that your family is drinking, a water filter will also help your family increase the quantity of water that you drink each day. Families with access to filtered water in their homes are statistically shown to drink more water. It tastes so much better, so naturally you are going to drink more of it. Investing in a water filter will help you and your family experience the many benefits of staying hydrated.

You deserve to know what’s in your water. Call us today for your complimentary in-home water assessment and let us help you achieve optimal health starting with your water. Drink better, feel better with Culligan.


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